We work with a broad range of clients who fit under the following profiles :

  1. Organizations wanting to be an 'employer of choice' in the future by modernizing their culture to be human-centred. We work with them to optimize employee experience (recruitment, engagement and development) oriented around a caring, flexible and developmental culture. 
  2. Organizations wanting to boost creativity and innovation through collective intelligence and other participatory methodologies that invite the 'whole person' to show up to work.
  3. Organizations that are growing rapidly and need structures and practices to ensure the human fabric of their teams and culture grows in a healthy way.
  4. Organizations wanting to change their structure of power and leadership to be more democratic and collectively owned.
  5. Freelancers and consultants wanting to form collectives and needing support to set up best practice legal, financial and cultural infrastructure.


We're available to give talks and presentations across Canada about trends in the future of work and how to respond in a human-centred way, bringing organizations into a future paradigm that works better for both employees and thriving business. In alignment with the practices we stand for, we aim to weave participation and group dialogue into these talks.

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Culture cannot be told, it can only be transmitted through experience. We're available to host organizational interventions (30-90 mins), immersive workshops (3-8 hours) and team retreats (2-4 days) that embed a new cultural DNA and can begin to transform the human experience of the workplace.

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We have an extensive knowledge of structures, practices and process methodologies to create human-centred organizational functioning. These include recruitment, decision-making and financial management, organizational learning, leadership development and culture of collaboration. We're able to work with you to understand what systems you'd like to evolve and work with you to design solutions that are appropriate to your organization.

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In this paradigm of organizations, managers and leaders have the opportunity to evolve their role from that of directing tasks and defining objectives to instead stewarding their employees towards their highest contribution to the organization. This requires a new set of skills and attributes in order to transition to a human-centred way of working. We're there to help support that journey to bring more joy and meaning to the work of leadership and management.

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