Practice : Check-in and Check-out of Meetings

Purpose : Check-ins and Check-outs powerfully create two things. The first is the equality expressed in having everyone’s voice heard at the beginning and end or each meeting. The second is the space for feelings and people’s personal experience to be expressed, increasing self-awareness and group empathy.

Practice : Start and finish each meeting with a question which each person will briefly answer in turn around the table. You speak from your own lived experience and no person’s comments are discussed.

Some sample questions :

  • What does everyone need to know about you right now?

  • How are you feeling about the purpose of this meeting?

  • What colour are you today?

  • What do you need to leave at the door today to be fully present?

  • What’s something you enjoyed or valued in this meeting?

  • What learning or insight are you taking away from this meeting?